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Ensuring That You Breathe Easier – Our Four-Step Process

Making sure that you have the best quality air in your home or business involves a multiple step process. This process is to ensure that you get a completely unbiased analysis and recommendation for your situation, by placing a legal division between the firm doing the testing and the firm doing the cleaning process.

Florida Indoor Air Quality Follows the following four-step process:

1. Assessment

While it would be possible to test for every possible air quality problem, the cost for doing so would be prohibitive. Therefore, the first thing that must is to analyze your particular situation and narrow down the probably cause of problems. (For instance, if you have water damage, then experience tells us that the most common air quality problems that we need to look for is mold and bacteria.) Once this analysis has been completed, your premises are thoroughly tested for the determined cause of your problem.

2. Evaluation

After the testing has been completed, it is time to interpret the data to see how bad the problem is and what needs to be done to correct the problem.

3. Recommendation

The next task in the process is to write up a recommendation for what needs to be done to correct the air quality problem. (Florida law (and other states) require the the firm doing the remedial work has to be separate from the firm doing the testing to protect the consumer.) If the consumer decides to follow the recommendation, they then contact the clean-up firm of their choice to do the work.

4. Post-Remediation Close-Out Testing

Once the remedial company finishes its work in restoring your property, we once again come in and test the air quality in your home or business to ensure that you can breathe easy.