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In an effort to keep up with the latest regulations governing the Internet, we have the responsibility to keep you informed as to the legal status of this site and your relationship to it. Most of this information is laid out in two documents:

While use of this site requires that you are bound by both documents, the quick version goes something like this:

…Any information that you give us will be kept private. It will not be given or sold to any other party. All information on this site is for private use only. It is not to be copied or given to any other parties without permission from the owners (RLK Services, Inc dba Sun Air Services). We are not liable for how you use any of the information on this site. While we will strive to provide reliability, we are not responsible for any downtime beyond our control…

For complete information, please read through the two above referenced documents. If you find anything unclear, or have any concerns that something may be missing – please let us know.